What's in a SuperUROP recommendation letter?  and how to upload it?

A recommendation letter is written by the SuperUROP Supervisor (PI).

It says that the SuperUROP Supervisor (PI) is happy or enthusiastic
or some other positive adjective about supervising this student doing
this project.

It also says that the supervisor believes that the student is
capable of doing this project with the support of the PI and
the PI's group.

How to enter the letter into the SuperUROP system:
	- Upload a PDF file at https://superurop-apply.mit.edu/letters
	- Login at https://superurop-apply.mit.edu/
		- click on "Review SuperUROP Proposals that List Me as Supervisor"
		- click on the applicant
			- Fill in the text box
			- OR upload the letter
	- email the letter to

If you have further questions, please contact